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working together

Define the Problem

Fall in love with the problem, not the solution: The hard work is done up front. By asking lots of questions, my role is to help you better define the issue you’re trying to solve…which surprisingly, is often not where you start from.

Develop a Plan of Action

Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Once we determine a general direction and need, I will present a clear list of deliverables with cost, time, and resource (printing, photography, etc) estimates, as well as options in terms of how we can execute. Through transparent dialogue, we will agree to move forward.

Work on the Work

Design is an iterative process. Based on our agreed upon terms, I’ll get to work producing multiple concepts for your review and feedback, incorporating background work including industry and competitor analysis, interviews, and other inputs. You’ll get the opportunity to provide feedback, which I will incorporate as we move towards the final product.

Finalize and Evaluate

The final product should WOW you. Your new branding comes alive. Your brochures show up on your doorstep and you can’t wait to hand them out. Your website breaks the internet. Your trade show stuns. Your new product launches to great response. Afterwards we will go back and review how things went and measure the results.


My goal is to deliver on the problem we defined together and execute on the solution we agreed to together. As you have new problems, my hope is that we work together again.