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Events are a blast! While full of pressure, they are also full of possibility. There are a lot of elements to explore which can help express the message of the event, including promotional collateral, day of event materials, full room environmental graphics, supporting brochures, signage, and stage.

p4 Conference

The P4 conference stands out as one of my favorite projects because we had the chance to use design to build an immersive experience for thousands of attendees. We leveraged stage layouts, 70-foot window scapes, lighting, transitions, supporting conference materials, and giveaways to create a focused and interactive environment to drive innovative thinking.

Courage to Act – Non-Profits and the Call to Moral Leadership

Held at the August Wilson Center, this conference discussed leadership roles of non-profits in today's turbulent times. We leveraged candid images to create an environment that reminded the attendees of what was happening outside.

The First Amendment for the Twenty First Century

A collaboration between The Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation, this conference was unique in that it was held at two venues. We were able to keep the signage and stage design simple and scalable so we could make both venues feel connected.

Climate Action Summit

The Climate Action Summit was held in the ballroom of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. We lined the atrium with protest posters showing examples of the local effort to fight climate change. The logo, save the date, program, and table tents were all printed in environmentally responsible ways.