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Print can mean a lot of things—stationary packages, trifold brochures, annual reports, ads, or even a 374-page coffee table book. Beyond the design of the piece, I bring decades of experience with printers, paper choice, coatings, printing method, and binding…all of which go that extra step that gets noticed.  


Events need to shine. The invitation sets the tone and is the first step to a successful event.

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Annual Reports

Annual reports tell your story to many people, investors, supporters, or volunteers. They are brand ambassadors.

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Ads need a concept that will not only get noticed, but also tell a story that emotionally connects to the audience.

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Capital Campaigns

Fundraising is difficult. Message and materials need to work together to achieve the goal.

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A brochure can perform many functions, but it always needs to represent you or your company in the best light.

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