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what makes me tick

I’m Scot Wallace. I’ve worked professionally as a designer for over 25 years, building experience in a number of different structures, from small shops to medium-sized agencies to large, integrated marketing firms. All have helped shape my personal approach to design and working with clients.

The bulk of my work has been print and web design—things like identities, brochures, websites, event materials, conferences, trade shows, and interactive experiences. I’ve also had the opportunity to work on large-scale projects where I had the chance to apply my design to branding, advertising campaigns, and annual reports.

I’ve benefited from working with a lot of different types of clients: Not for Profits to Global Industrials. Consumer Products to Academics. Architects to Zoos. All of them have great problems to solve. And sometimes, I’m here to help complement internal marketing teams on a unique project or to lend a hand during a busy season.

Part of great design is an open mind, so I like to spend my personal time clearing my head and challenging my body in beautiful outdoor spaces, whether that be the mountains of Idaho or the trails in the county park just a few miles from my home. You are likely to find my wife and I have the best vacation stories and photos to match.

Mount Shasta, CA

After the climb

Mount Baker, WA

The sun starts to rise as we near the summit

Mount Saint Helens, WA

Looking back at the view above the clouds

Mount Shasta, CA

Taking a break to watch the sun rise

Queens Way Couloir, CO

My wife and I en route to the summit of Apache Peak, Indian Peak Wilderness

Druid Arch, UT

A seldom seen arch in Canyonlands National Park